Moon in capricorn astrology

New Moons are always a time of new beginnings.

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These goals become like a mountain, and that mountain becomes the object we set out to climb. Luckily, Capricorn has a determination that equips us with the patience, discipline, and persistence to reach the top.

Every Full Moon has us working to finish what we started around the time of the New Moon, but when the Full Moon is in Capricorn it works even harder to finish what was started at the beginning of the lunar cycle. A Capricorn Full Moon is all about success and never taking "no" for an answer.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Challenges Us to Blend Boundaries With Vulnerability

During this time the Moon in Capricorn faces the Sun in Cancer. Both signs are associated with security, yet they seek it in different ways. Capricorn is concerned with accomplishments and external status while Cancer wants us to tune into our feelings in search of comfort and safety. That brings us back to Capricorn.

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Its super-structured energy can be used either to keep our feelings under lock and key or provide a safe space to let them out. At this eclipse, we can either build a wall or a bridge. The choice is ours. What other people think of you is none of your business, Capricorn —or is it? If a stranger is judging you to be cold and aloof, it might just be their problem.

But if a loved one is perceiving you in the same way, it may merit some attention. Fight the good fight, but make sure the ends really do justify the means. Onward and upward, Pisces! Right now, your dreams are directing you toward practical, goal-oriented action. Finally, Aries! Most importantly, surround yourself with high vibe people and trust the eclipses to do their cosmic magic. This is key because you are only getting half the story when you read for your sun sign.

Solar — Re-envision home and a way that you can be more supportive — perhaps even working from home this year. This can mean a move to a different community or more natural setting.

Moon Sign Capricorn - The Moon in Capricorn

Lunar —Release old ambitions that are no longer in alignment with you. Open up to the path that is organically forming right now. Solar —You will likely be writing more this year and delegating out other things. This year will hold great promise for networking and aligning with the key players in your industry. Lunar — It appears you are graduating and are now ready to rise to reach larger audiences through broadcasting, publishing or teaching.

Solar — Take ownership of the skills you have been garnering for so long. Lunar — You will need to release old subconscious beliefs about money, about who you are and what is possible. Solar — the Solar Eclipse in Cancer means it is your year for total rebirth. In order to do this, you will need to see your doubts and fears head on and choose to rise above and thrive.

Lunar — Let go of relationships or relationship patterns that kept you playing small. As you break out of your shell, there will be a ripple through your closest relationship. Allow change. Solar — You will feel a calling for a more spiritually focused life this year - a life with greater meaning, time in nature, and an overall sense of health.

Claim it. Lunar — Your health will come into a sharper focus this year as it this Lunar Eclipse of July 16 will be the time to quit a habit and never go back. The angle to Saturn and Pluto bring finality. Solar — You are opening up to a larger community this year — one that will expand your reach and your connection to the world. Align yourself with those who hold your values. Lunar — A love relationship will come to a point where you will both realize it is time to go to the next level or else- time to move on. Solar — Professionally, you will have the unique opportunity to pivot your position and step into a role that gives you a greater sense of freedom and peace of mind.

Solar — Your world will evolve this year when you open up to a whole new field of learning. Travel and education will be pillars.