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However, the type of love suggested is definitely more on the romantic side. I would also probably suggest using a different image if you're going to utilize this mansion for any of its other powers. Name: Al Dhira The Forearm. The main characterstic of this mansion appears to be one of reconciliation or renewal as sources also indicate that this mansion is good for making peace with enemies should one choose to do so it's also good for getting an advantage on them.

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This may be a reference to the mansion being associated with the paw of a lion and, by extension, the hand of a human. Hands can reach out in support and agreement or strike out in violence. This mansion is reportedly bad for buying property or healing the sick. Talismanic Image: A man clothed in robes with his hands extended as if in prayer. Spirit: Siely or Scheliel.

This seems to create a visual theme of supplication or petition. Bad for marriage, partnerships, and employment. Talismanic Properties: Victory, love and friendship, safe travel, hold captives, and pest control. Spirit: Annediex or Amnediel Suffumigation: Sulfur. While the original text material refers to the power of the talisman as ensuring victory in combat, it is just as adept at ensuring victory in competition or litigation as well. Bad for agricultural activities, suggests deceit in partnerships made during this time, and not safe for journeys or inflicting evil on others.

Good for capturing individuals to have them languish in captivity and good for fortifying gates. Talismanic Image: A eunuch holding his hands over his eyes. Talismanic Properties: Causing infirmity or protection from being attacked by others. Spirit: Raubel or Barbiel Suffumigation: Pine resin Notes: Another good curse talisman if you're in the market for one of those. What's interesting about this one is that it can also be used for protection against others. This likely isn't a sort of passive protection that simply absorbs or dispels anything that comes your way.

A lot of the imagery and related effects suggest something much more aggressive and territorial.

Nakshatras(Lunar Mansions) – Vedic Astrology

Not good for travel or lending. Talismanic Image: The head of a lion. It's a very gentle kind of healing that is very different from the type of recovery described in the 18th mansion. Picatrix talks about this talisman being washed in something that the sick person will consume, which is very similar to Taoist fu talismans which are burnt and mixed in medicines to be taken internally. Talismanic Image: A man riding a lion with a lance in his right hand while his left holds the lion's ear. Maybe saffron.

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Requests to authority figures can be made here and the talisman is good for getting further in the workplace. Unfortu-nately, Picatrix lists no suffumigation for this mansion which makes working with it a little difficult. I've tried frankincense with seemingly no effect, but have a list of other hunches to get through. This feels thematically appropriate. Bad for travel and employment.

Lunar mansions | Vedic Astrology

Talismanic Image: A man and dragon fighting. Many of the electional properties are quite useful and fortunate and this is even repeated in some of the talismanic uses. However, the Picatrix reads in such a way as to lead one to think that this mansion is nearly wholly malevolent. That being said, the image itself is pretty violent, so you'd probably need a different image to tap into one of the more positive expressions of this mansion. Talismanic Image: Separate images of a man and woman tied together Talismanic Properties: Creating love between two people, increase of trade and profit, assisting crops, good and safe journeys, completing buildings, curing sexual dysfunction and freeing captives.

Book 4 Chapter 9 of Picatrix implies that the primary purpose of this talisman is for creating erotic love between individuals. This is also the only mansion that specifically mentions curing sexual dysfunction. Talismanic Image: A dog with its own tail in its mouth.

Talismanic Properties: Driving people apart, creating love between spouses, destroying lust, harming crops, assaulting travelers, assisting kings, and developing goodwill between allies. Spirit: Erdegel or Ergediel. The suffumigation suggests a conflict between opposing parties which implies that the destructive uses are perhaps more correct and central to the talismanic themes.

The apparent contradiction is hard to dismiss, but I have no experience with this mansion to say one way or the other. Bad for journeys, partnerships, and marriage. Talismanic Image: A seated man holding scrolls as if he were reading them. Talismanic Properties: Acquisition of friendship and good will, digging of wells, finding buried treasure, impede travelers, separate spouses, and destroy the reputation of enemies. This particular mansion seems more involved in manipulating reputation and public opinion. This can explain why this mansion is used to both influence other people and bring the holder good will, but also besmirch the reputation of others.

New Series: Moon Nakshatra (Vedic Astrology) 27 Constellations

This talisman's ability to find hidden treasure may also have applications in influencing trade and profit. We consider the Moon to be paramount as he controls the mind, emotions and perceptions. Whatever happens to us is perceived and experienced through the Moon, the emotional filter of life. These are the linkages of your past lives and the framework of your present life.

The life choices that you make in this life are linked to your birth Moon Nakshatra and to some extent to your birth Ascendant Nakshatra. If you live a more materialistic life with no spiritual back-up, you will not be aware of these signals. You might feel a general guidance but you will not be able to actively interact with your Nakshatra energies. Thus for an average human the Nakshatras will fix the your fate. But if you tend to be spiritually inclined and have a sense of the grander purpose of your life, you can actively use the energies of your Nakshatras, their lords and devatas.

These action words are a reflection of your Nakshatra energies.

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The Moon rules the enormity of the astral, the sub-conscious, so it makes sense to divide his humongous domain into the 27 sub-domains of the Nakshatras. I have tried to reduce the natures of these 27 into small keywords which perhaps maybe will be useful. These describe the innermost tendencies and desires. Often your client will not even be aware of them but they will rule his life and influence his every action. This is not used for general astrological analysis but in special calculations e. When it is used, it is inserted at serial number 22, with each the following nakshatra shifting one serial number ahead to give a total of 28 nakshatras.

Abhijit rules over the 28 minutes before and after midday and also 28 minutes before and after midnight. This is called the Abhijit muhurta and is considered quite auspicious. For example Chitra, the shining jewel of the zodiac, owned by Mars. Such a person will internally want to compete with and outshine others. But the beauty will have a purpose, power and danger too.

He will be continually rearranging his mental and emotional processes till he is satisfied by its beauty and power. He is wedded to his work. This nakshatra is most likely to remain unmarried or if married not too involved with his spouse preferring a silent submissive spouse in fact! T here are a number of different traditions regarding the Mansions which can be confusing because their descriptions and uses for the Mansions can differ.

For example the Picatrix Bk IV, chapter 9 Mansions are what I generally use for talismans because they have very complete information on how to create talismans listing the purpose of the Mansion, images, incense, talisman materials and Mansion lords. On the other hand the Picatrix Book I, chapter 4 Mansion listings are primarily general election listings that include elections for talismans, but lack talisman images, descriptions, incense, etc.

A third and often different Mansion tradition, attributed to Kankaf the Hindu appears in Astromagia a 12th century astrological grimoire contemporary with Picatrix.

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E ach of these traditions has differences and similarities. Despite their differences, none of them is "right" or "wrong" and all of them can be used for elections or talismans as appropriate. While this appears odd, it is only because we are working from a "scientific" standpoint that insists on one, true objective reality. In fact, the spiritual realities we operate in while using magic, while not entirely subjective, do appear to have a certain amount of flexibility and multiple, different realities appear to interpenetrate.

The Shams Al-Ma'arif is traditional book of Arabic letter and Quranic magic that contains significant esoteric wisdom and instructions for creating talismans timed astrologically. G enerally the Mansions were used for electional astrology and for astrological talismans. However, in Astromagia we have a listing of the Natal Moon in her Mansions , indicating what it means to be born with the Moon in a particular mansion.

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