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Plus, variety is important to the Gemini and this cut works well when styled with straight, wavy, or curly hair. This look is fearless, sexy, and brave—and that's exactly why Leos will love it. In fact, a shorter look like this, with big, lush curls, will speak volumes. Balance, harmony, and symmetry are important to the Libra, which is why she'll be attracted to this neat, no-nonsense do.

They love anything that showcases their strength, power, and sultry side—another reason this semi-severe style with some extra volume works well. Capricorns like Kate Middleton are polished, professional, put-together, and ready for anything. They're ruled by Saturn, so they tend to gravitate towards straight and rather serious cuts.

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A long and layered look that's enhanced by a great blow-out will please them to no end. The Aquarius woman is bohemian, quirky, and loves to have fun, and her hairstyle should reflect that. A look that's versatile, with layers and bangs in a medium length, ensures she can experiment with different hairdos—something very important to this sign.