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As for EE-raser, yes, I pronounce the long e, but I don't accent that syllable so it can be hard to tell.

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Slow to start, then a fast finish. Our daughter used to have piranahs as pets and they would eat out of her hand. Not eat her hand. Really enjoyed this one, thank you, Derek! I had the wrong Elvis movie!

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Greg Charles, me, too. We call Riley Sparky and Blackie and anything thing else that pops into our heads are at the moment. He doesn't seem to mind! A tough puzzle. My experience of it was quite different from Rex's, though. Caribes for piranhas fell into place. I don't know much about piranhas, but I know they can be found in river areas in the West Indies, ao the answer was easy to deduce from just that piece of info and some crosses. No I never had an "idee" that the topic de Freud was "idee".

But, like Rookie, I had sexe on the brain until I dreamed the right answer, reve. Scary Spice?

γκοτζι μπερι αγορα σπορου ΠΡΟΠΟΝΗΣΗ - ΓΥΜΝΑΣΤΗΡΙΟ

Figured out the Scary -- must have heard of her once upon a time -- not my music, never heard Spice Girls sing. Motown or Mozart. But still, some nice clues and answers pairings kept the puzzle interesting. Now I have to prove I'm not a robot. I'll get a human to help me with this. Can't Google the answer for this Good one, Derek! I was on Derek's wavelength today and it was an easy cruise besides being fun. Was almost thrown under the bridge by this one - got my start at water under the bridge and worked up.

Shuddered at snowfalls - coming soon! In my old Webster's ninth, there are entries for caribe final e is pronounced as piranha, and piranha as also called caribe.

Jeane Dixon

Fine Friday puzzle. I had a bit of a smile at the clue to 33D, "Once-faddish aerobics regimen. An answer here, an answer there, none of them connected Progress finally came in the E and then the NE. The grid is pretty segmented, so even then I had to solve one tic-tac-toe square at a time.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl () - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

Eventually all was revealed, the SE coming last. Thoughts: -- Some really clever and tricky cluing.

Changing the E to S was the very last pen stroke. But no. Yeah, I've never heard of it either, but it's completely inferrable via crosses. EGER gets a pass because of the crossword tie-in clue. Andrea -- LOVE your comment about whether or not sunsets are in the west everywhere! I admit to doing the same visualization as wrote in the answer. All in all, a tough challenge and a fabulous Friday puzzle. Thanks Derek! But then, I love sunsets. This was a bottom-up puzzle for me -- the top gave me nothing at first, so I went south and built up from there. My time was pretty good for a Friday, so Easy-Medium in the end.

Then I saw the pun on "sweater" -- much smacking of head and d'oh-ing followed. Quality puzzle. Lots of good, straight-up words crossing each other, which is not always the case. A second ingredient, called a hardener, must be added. How did I miss April Stevens when I was a kid? So sultry and steamy. I see per wiki that her voice was sometimes mistaken for Marilyn Monroe's. Is it possible to form a retroactive crush?

As usual, enjoyed reading Rex's write up and the comments. So many erudite, witty people out there. I really did not like it.

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Got a few words then needed to resort to Google, which was not much help either as the cluing made a web search nearly impossible. Then there are many possible answers with no way to cross-check. Hand up for COKE and not looking back. Greg Charles - Of coure.

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  • I remember it more as a sign-off song each night by one of our college radio station deejays, several years later. Really butt-fudged up that area unnecessarily, for a while. Down low What the professor dude with the wotd said. Had the hit tune "Teach Me, Sandworm". Y'all probably don't even know what I'm babblin' on about, unless yer a Dune Dude.

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    • Since it's booze, I'm willing to swallow this one. Since it's French, I'm willing to upchuck on this one. Tip of the day: Run, don't walk, to see the flick "Seven Psychopaths". Otherwise, I liked the puzzle a lot, especially because I finished it. Only one hint from hubby: that 1 down had something to do with sports. Convinced myself that, because the bottom long answer had "under" in it, the top MUST have "over" so I got stuck on "something over eaGER" for a while.

      Lois, chef wen, et al - Now you all got me mucking about in phonetic alphabets. I thought I was saying a long e sound, but with the accent going quickly to the second syllable. When I looked for confirmation, I found that some dictionaries give short i, and some give the International Phonetic Alphabet sign capital roman numeral for one , which is somewhat more open than our long e but somewhat more closed than the schwa, and it is placed a bit more to the front than the schwa and not quite as far front as the long e.