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The shown parities of terrestrial, heavenly and atmospheric gods of Vedic myths with zodiacal signs allow to analyze phonetic ratio of human speech sounds and hierarchical interrelations of divine entities. Also parities of Vedic mythological deities and sounds of human speech with numerological numbers allow to calculate numerical values of alphabetic letters or arithmetical phonetic sums in words or names of people for correlation with characteristics of gods. For realization of numerological calculations it is necessary to combine numerical values of letters in words or names.

Each word according to numerological sum of letters possesses additional sense which is combined with basic semantic value.

Divining with Numbers: What is Numerology?

Or it is possible to tell that semantic word meanings according to numerical values of letters correspond with characteristics of mythological gods. Letters of Russian alphabet can be correlated with transcriptions of English phonemes. And consequently you may calculate numerical values of words or human names in the context of English language according to Russian alphabetic characters which have correlations with 33 gods of Vedic mythology.

Use following phonetic table for this purpose. Look more detailed information on comparison of phonetic transcriptions of English language with Russian phonemes in space of this website in other section which is named as meta linguistics.

Numerology Alphabets Meaning | Name Numerology | Numerology Meaning

Also human names according to numerical values of alphabetic letters possess metalinguistic senses and correspond with characteristics of gods. Namely heavenly, atmospheric and terrestrial gods of Vedic mythology personify qualities of light and parameters of atmosphere also symbolize elements of universe which is displayed in names of people. It is possible to tell that gods penetrate space between sky and earth as displays in three spheres of human person. Heavenly gods correspond with psycho-physiological sphere of human consciousness.

Atmospheric gods correspond with psycho-physiological parameters of human individuality. Terrestrial gods correspond with psycho-physiological sphere of feelings.

Sanskrit words and its equivalent digital numbers for the Chakra’s of our Human body.

Read detail information about characteristics and qualities of Vedic gods on previous pages in this section of website. Also for analyses of human names according to numerological numerical values of letters iv alphabets you can take characteristics of Vedic gods directly from hymns of Vedas. Also it is possible to consider different psychological parameters of human person. For example, qualities of psycho-physiological sphere of human feelings can be correlated with points of geographic orientation or directions of light.

South - benevolent displays of feelings. North - severe displays of feelings.

West - pessimistic sensual displays, because Sun descends under horizon in western part of sky. East - optimistic sensual displays, because Sun ascends above under horizon in eastern part of sky. Southwest - connection of benevolent southern and pessimistic western feelings. Southeast - connection of benevolent southern and optimistic east feelings.

Northwest - connection of severe northern and pessimistic western sensual displays. Jun 2, , IST.

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Numerology is the language of numbers and their symbolic significance. Each number has its own vibration and its own vibratory influence. Based on the belief that a person comes into this life on a certain date with a certain name, numerology uses numbers to describe who a person is and what the map is for his or her life.

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Yes, names and numbers are like Siamese twins. In numerology, every letter of the alphabet from A to Z has a definite and vibratory number to it. The letter of the alphabet is identified and related to a particular number. It is fixed and final. All you have to do is to work out your own numerical value or total from the alphabets and the numbers given below.

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Where Does Numerology Come From?

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