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Or whatever is the coin of the realm, Capricorns will find it and use it to get to the top. Money is a means to an end—Capricorn control. If popcorn could do it, they would strive to amass a fortune in popcorn. Unlike Taurus, who sees beauty in gold and silver, Capricorn uses money like a bulwark against surprises and a vehicle for advancement. Capricorns can seem mean sometimes.

Believe it or not, this is their way of caring and sharing.

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They are mean to themselves first; they brook no excuses from themselves, why should they accept them from others? They practice a form of stoicism on themselves, and it works for them. They assume that the same tactics are effective for others. Their scorn can be a cleansing purge, and, however painful, it helps them shoulder their burdens in life, and they want to help others in the same way.

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Not coddling them, but arousing their determination to better themselves. Contempt is a pathway to strength. We need to forgive them this behavior. Most Capricorns have had it rough. Capricorn begins life trapped at the bottom of the deepest sea by circumstance, illness, poverty, chained down by the conditions of the world. Cautiously and consistently Cap climbs out of the water and all the way up to the top of the highest peak—Fire Mountain, a triumph of persistence and planning. To accomplish this, Capricorn works seriously and tirelessly and in turn makes others work just as hard, harvesting grudging respect as well as resentment from others.

They hammer away at obstacles until they bash their way through. Responsibility and power are thrust on Capricorns as others depend on them more and more. Capricorn can use and abuse, or this sign can be a liberator of the spirit and body.

After all the work, sweat and blood, success is finally achieved in old age, and Capricorn for once can revel in accomplishment. We can experience Saturn as the Dictator of circumstances—those objective conditions that are never much in your favor, anyway, and especially under Saturn's rule. Saturn rules during bad times, dangerous times, uncertain times, when luck is breaking bad.

Expecting and dishing out discipline, Capricorn is the captain of his soul. Female Capricorns, while no less ambitious and rational, are, if anything, more prone to harsh assessments of others, especially loved ones.

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Capricorns should be prepared for an occasional mutiny among those below you. Nobody likes the guy who's always right. Capricorn Factoid : They accept reality as it is, and make it work. The Capricorn Comeback At the beginning, nobody thinks a Capricorn will make it big. Capricorns more often than not are sickly as children, or will suffer some long, drawn out heath problems. They may be poorly adjusted to school or socialize with diffidence. However, the longer they are on the Earth, the more they work, the higher they succeed.

Unexpectedly, the Capricorn grows stronger with age. Many Capricorns find that there is no actual job title or place for them at the top, so they make their own. They will push aside the others to make a place for themselves on the summit. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging. Most of these men had very humble beginnings, and fought their way to success the hard way.

This sign also produces total idiots like Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, Sarah Palin, Ayn Rand and Glen Beck, although, admittedly, they too have reached the pinnacles of their fields, after pressing against the limitations of their abilities. Click for More Capricorn Quotes.

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Inherent Strengths Capricorns are hellified workers. They may not have big fantasies, but they know right from wrong and that success is a long term investment. Like the Cardinal Earth sign that they are, Capricorns cultivate a will of iron, inherent patience, and one very tough attitude about slackers and laziness.

They are hardest on themselves, however.

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Whatever they do, it isn't enough, whatever love and appreciation they get for doing it, it's never enough. Capricorns don't chase their dreams, they march on them like the Russian army took Berlin in —inexorably and completely. By being prepared for any eventuality, Capricorns protect themselves against the two things they hate: surprise and shame.

This tough love works best on themselves—all anecdotal evidence suggests that Capricorns live the longest. The mind-body experience Capricorns think they can be alone and love it, but they cannot, no Cap is an island.

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All work and no play makes Capricorn dull and lonely. You need human contact, you need to live in the moment, you need TLC; unfortunately, your needs are probably not being met. Separate yourself from The System long enough to recognize your artistic qualities and your ability to think outside the box. Don't EVER underestimate your creativity. Capricorn Factoid : It's not that they love work, they hate lethargy. Watch Out! Caustic Capricorns use ridicule, contempt and negative reinforcement.

A lot of people end up angry at Capricorns, and even though Caps are the best prepared, most resilient, and have a lot to offer, they get rebuked out of pure spite. Excessive grumpiness is the Capricorn downfall. There's got to be a less cold-blooded approach to problems.

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Often, this intransigent negativity and pessimism is a sure sign of mineral deficiencies see below and anemia, so take heed. That can be a challenge with hotheaded Mars making you thin-skinned and itching to fight. Remember, Ram: YOU are responsible for setting appropriate boundaries and articulating your needs. Others can only help if you ask. Some stability arrives on November 12, when the Taurus full moon lands in your second house of work, money and security.

Ready to kick a bad habit before the holidays?

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With la luna in your house of daily routines, you can swap self-defeating patterns for regimens that boost your vitality. The full moon will also form helpful trines to structured Saturn and powerhouse Pluto, both in Capricorn and your tenth house of success. Your diligence and productivity could impress a VIP or decision maker. Focus on those varsity-level players who can take your plans to new heights.

But watch your words: This lunation will be in a tricky opposition to Mercury retrograde. On November 19, your ruling planet, Mars, shifts into Scorpio, activating your erotic and intense eighth house for the rest of the year. Mars here can ratchet up jealousy and competitiveness as much as it cranks up the sizzling heat.

Finances could become a topic of animated debate, or you may have to confront some deep-seated insecurities that cause you to act and react in knee-jerk ways. Your emotions can be inflammatory, or an attraction could move swiftly into physical terrain without any consideration of the possible consequences.