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You cannot be entered into our Daily Defender of the Month contest without being logged in. Login or Create an account now :. Do you work with a multi-tasking Gemini whiz or a meticulous Virgo with an eye for detail? Either way, it's time to say thanks for all they do! Astrology is a great tool for understanding, managing and celebrating your most valuable employees.

Venus, the planet of love, acceptance, pleasure and the arts, moved into serious Capricorn on November 25, Venus in Capricorn is an interesting combination of soft and hard. All human beings are subject to karmic law, but we don't have to be imprisoned by it. Many people think of themselves as victims of bad karma, powerless to change it. Not true.

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No matter what kind of karma you've brought to this lifetime, you can change it. Autumn is a gorgeous season to be outdoors -- the trees are decked out in their gold-and-russet finery, and there's still enough Sun to ward off the chill.

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So, tear yourself and your loved ones away from the all-consuming black hole of electronic devices, and pay a fun visit to Mother Nature. Monthly Horoscopes Oct 15, Monthly Horoscopes Oct 14, Is this how to guarantee a long-lasting relationship?

Leo Horoscope 2020: Your Hard Work Will Pay Off

Moving into a new pad for work or uni? Say hello to your star sign interior decorator. Monthly Horoscopes Sep 23, Monthly Horoscopes Sep 13, Monthly Horoscopes Aug 30, Monthly Horoscopes Aug 20, Monthly Horoscopes Aug 1, That's what you need to beware of this week, Aries. Lust, desire, and the will to conquer might be rushing through your veins at the moment, but it will only end badly. The answer will transform you, whether it's a yes or a no. Whether big or small, conflicts are important as they air out issues that should not be brushed under the rug.

They air out problems that have the potential to fester in silence and grow more dangerous.

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So don't be afraid of conflict. Just remember that the person you are fighting with is important in your life. Show them the respect they deserve when you are arguing, even as you respect yourself enough to stand up if your partner is being unreasonable.

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The experience will transform you in some way, whichever way it concludes in the end. It can be nerve-wracking to go up to the person you have a huge crush on and then let them know how much you like them. You are simultaneously assaulted by the fear of rejection and the hope that they will stand up, smile, and acknowledge they feel the same way.

Regardless of how it actually turns out, the act of bravely expressing your love always transforms you in the end. And that's what lies in store for you if you choose to do it, Gemini. Will this week be the one? Only you know the answer to that. Cancer, if only you could see the colors on the tarot card that showed up for you this week.

Virgo Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

It would have filled your heart with warmth and given your imagination, wings. So, you can definitely expect great things to happen in your love life this week. And while I do not know what that will be, it will be life-changing since the Sun is a Major Arcana card.

So keep your eyes and ears open.

Leo Mid-March 15-31 - You're finally getting it Leo - Love Tarot Reading

Life sends us teachers in different guises. We just have to be receptive enough to know when we have met one. Virgo, it's no coincidence that the recent full moon was in Virgo , and now this tarot card has shown up for you with the Emperor standing in it holding the moon in between his hands. A moon that is actually an unhatched dragon still within its egg.