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It's my sister Jenny's birthday this week July 4th And after she sees the image I am uploading, I may not survive the week When she was a kid, I used to tell her all the time that she looked just like 'Clip Smith' who was the local sports-caster on the telly-vision Used to really piss her off even though she knew it was a goof But she also has that great and sometimes twisted sense of humor all my brothers and sisters seem to have. It's also my pal Chris Brown's Birthday on the 3rd this week too..!!

Taurus Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope September 30-October 6 2019

Let's get into the 'Scopes What we have goin' on in the chart is two very different and distinct groups of planets that are trying to gain the 'upper hand' and shape the direction this energy will go It has that vibe that is very much like when teen-age kids think they have all the answers and 'The Olds' what we used to call my parents heh Yeah, 'The Olds' had different opinions, and now that I am 'old' I realize just how smart and right they were most of the time. In looking forward in the chart, we are moving into a time unlike all the other times in recorded history Hopefully, this time humanity will really get it right.

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We are seeing the shifts in the 'political machines' that are hundreds of years old or older In the chart, these forces are seein in Saturn and Jupiter These are the planets that are there to balance the energy and to keep everything moving in the right direction Unexpected news and an a-ha moment come your way today. A brilliant wave of creative inspiration will arrive this evening, Aquarius!

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Action planet Mars is currently in fellow Water sign Scorpio, and tonight it will connect with your ruling planet Neptune, bringing some extraordinary adventures your way! Your planetary ruler Mars makes an easy connection with dreamy Neptune today, boosting your intuitive abilities.

The vibe is very intimate, and secrets will be shared. The Moon enters grounded Earth sign Taurus late tonight, too, finding you reflecting on security. The vibe is whimsical this evening.

Make plans to go out with your friends! The Moon will enter your sign very late tonight, helping you get emotionally grounded.

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Unusual ideas and unexpected meetings will take place today, Gemini. Tonight is brings a big dose of creative inspiration, which will benefit your work.

Daily Horoscopes: December 27, 2017

Action planet Mars is in fellow Water sign Scorpio, and today it connects with dreamy Neptune, which is currently in Water sign Pisces, making this evening especially passionate and magical for you. Unexpected opportunities will arrive today, Leo. Action planet Mars connects with hazy, dreamy Neptune this evening, making for a very passionate, whimsical night!

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Some very intriguing conversations will take place!