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At the same time, they would be dealing with one who is practical and versatile in handling both delicate hand work and heavy manual labour. A Twenty-Two would easily outlast a Twenty-One in monotonous work that also requires manual skills. All Twenty-Twos possess surprising inner resources which help them to patiently survive hard times.

The Twenty-One is essentially an ideas person, although not without practicality, while Twenty-Twos are essentially practical persons although not without ideas of their own. In regard to abstract and spiritual thought many Twenty-Twos are far ahead of the Twenty-One. Being practical idealists and visionaries there is inevitably some degree of conflict between the upward pull of their spiritual nature and the downward draw of their physical and material desires.

Twenty-Ones do not suffer from these extremes.

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Both partners are essentially career oriented. But some Twenty-Twos, especially those born in the 6th month and to a lesser degree the 2nd and 4th months, may be content to follow a domestic lifestyle. Patience and understanding will be required by both partners to ensure an equal distribution of domestic tasks.

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Unlike some couples where one partner is better at a domestic task than the other, both Twenty-Ones and Twenty-Twos are equally capable of doing anything within the domestic scene. The problem they may face is the availability of time, as both may be heavily involved in their careers and other public undertakings.

Motivated by a healthy form of optimism and a bustling confidence in themselves Twenty-Ones are popular social figures. They do not see others as a threat to their wellbeing, or look upon them as competitors to be watched. In fact, they regard others with the same assurance they regard themselves.

The same can be said of all positive Twenty-Twos, but not of those who suffer from various forms of negativity. These negative Twenty-Twos distrust themselves and transfer their distrust on to others. They could be quite critical of people and are seldom socially popular.

While positive Twenty-Twos can be motivated by thoughts and feelings of expansion and strong benevolent objectives, their negative counterparts submit to those of contraction and self-absorbing habits. The suggestive influences of a good environment, heredity, and education have, without doubt, considerable bearing on all Twenty-Ones and Twenty-Twos.

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They help positive individuals to maximise their potential and negative individuals to overcome or minimise their defects. The lead in social activity will be generally taken by the Twenty-One in all light-hearted entertainment. All Twenty-Twos prefer interaction of a more profound nature and could easily be put off by frivolity or surface entertainment. Their sense of humour is not as free and spontaneous as that of the Twenty-One. An extensive vocabulary, fluency of speech, with confidence and ability to hold the attention of an audience are special attributes of the Twenty-One.

Within this relationship the Twenty-One will be the talkative partner dealing with topics ranging from the frivolous and humorous to practical matters. Romance is also a delightful aspect of their personality which is apparent in their speech, body language and personal interests, such as romantic music and literature. Their pragmatic nature plus their attraction to metaphysical and spiritual matters do not summon the need for much speech or emotional demonstration. However, while Twenty-Ones may outdo them in romantic actions, Twenty-Twos may surpass them in sexual performance.

Like most good Fours they are strong physical partners in the proper place and at the proper time. One aspect of life in which Twenty-Ones and all Twenty-Twos would find common ground will be in the hobbies and avocations they undertake. Both are creative artists as well as performing artists with a keen sense of beauty, form and design. The sense of beauty and accuracy may be stronger in the Twenty-One while the sense of form and design is keener in the Twenty-Two. A truly rewarding combination can be formed in music, drama, art and literature. Self-expression can be spontaneous in the Twenty-One with little or no hesitation towards occupying the spotlight.

Most Twenty-Twos may prefer to execute their creative talents in the background.

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Both partners possess the potential to excel as composers of music, conductors and leaders of orchestras, fashion designers, writers of romantic novels and humour, beauticians, calligraphers, dancers and dancing instructors. They can also succeed as florists, sign writers, cartoonists, choreographers, fashion models, jewellers, and sculptors. Spiritual investigation and practice is an area in which some Twenty-Twos will branch out and not be followed by their Twenty-One partners. The hallmark of the number 22 as the symbol of a master vibration is its blend of spirituality and practicality.

Circumstances may create some inner conflict and indecision in many Twenty-Twos as a result of moral, ethical and spiritual values coexisting with material and physical desires.

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Reconciliation of the two aspects will be a perennial battle. Almost all Twenty-Twos possess precognitive, intuitive and clairvoyant gifts which can be used beneficially in their own affairs as well as helping the needs of others. Twenty-Ones, by virtue of the 2 aspect of their personality are able to develop clairvoyance and other related features and join their Twenty-Two partners, but in most instances, they may be too busy in other activities to be able to do so successfully. Both partners are equally capable of contributing a comfortable income to the household.

They are also able to manage their finances responsibly. Twenty-Ones may tend to spend more upon themselves, particularly in dress and other accessories. They enjoy variety and need to keep up with all modern trends. Many Twenty-Ones set new trends in fashion. Twenty-Twos can vary from generosity to outright meanness. Neither partner will agree to be restricted or controlled in their spending.

It is, therefore, important that each has the freedom to spend a certain amount of money without one being held accountable to the other. As neither partner can be kept under control, considerable freedom of movement and action must be accorded to each for their relationship to succeed. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, this is not a conventional combination in which similar needs and aspirations predominate.

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  • Every effort needs to be made to emphasise and expand those features they have in common, and an understanding of those in which they do not share an interest. Almost all Twenty-Ones are a healthy combination of modern and traditional values. Remaining within the bounds of convention does not inhibit their talents and expansive ideas. Many Twenty-Twos, in contrast, could seek an unconventional lifestyle. Often at war with the established order of society they are not intentionally rebellious, but rather their bohemian habits often place them outside the pale of conventional society.

    There also some Twenty-Twos who take the other extreme and lead strictly conventional and insular lifestyles. A cursory glance at this birthday combination reveals, not merely an abundance of talent but also the availability of several outlets for successful execution of these natural gifts. Twenty-One and Twenty-Three personalities, on the one hand, have much in common with the promise of an exciting future. On the other hand, the manner in which they employ their several assets will differ.

    Mutual attraction may not take place on the basis of an interchange of attributes. Rather it will be for the activities they can jointly engage in. The relationship will not be without its share of confrontation and competition due to their ability to perform any task with equal competence. Constant watchfulness will be needed to prevent an excess of competition and argument from damaging their intimacy.

    Birthday Number 21

    Whatever happens, this will not be a relationship that would flounder though boredom or loss of interest in life as a whole, or in each other. If at all, there would be a need for both partners to harness their activities in such a way that their varied interests will keep them functioning as a team as much as possible.

    The temptation to strike out on their own may often lead each along an individual course, as personal freedom in different ways is an essential need for these individuals. As the desire for independent action is alive in every strand of their personality structures these are not dependent individuals. They resent being held accountable to anyone for their actions.

    Inevitably, a frequent shifting, combining and separating of their time together will take place. As they need to retain a good portion of their time for personal use they should not be expected to commit themselves totally to domestic responsibilities. There is a pertinent difference between these birthdays that has a bearing on the relationship between Twenty-One and Twenty-Three partners.