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A true Star Of David will have three oppositions, three mystic rectangles and two grand trines encased by 6 sextiles. The Quarter Moon.

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It is difficult to say whether this is a war star or not. Saturn is a malefic squaring the Sun, but the Moon is certainly not a malefic planet. Saturn is in secrecy Scorpio. So far it seems to have been a healing trine, with a tendency to glorify a golden age in the past. Many of us have been reaching back to our ancestors.

And we have also had the recent birth of Prince George bringing back the ghost of Princess Diana. What is special about the Star of David is the amount of oppositions.

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These will pack a punch, so its not surprising that Mary Shea found that these Star Of Davids can start wars. So looking at the oppositions we see that Venus opposite Neptune can be love delusion, Moon opposite Saturn, depression and disappointment and Mars opposite Pluto can be abuse. A very advanced soul could certainly make magic with this one, but it in the wrong hands, those lovely trines could be putting a glossy veneer on top of deep rot happening inside.

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Those trines will do anything to uphold the status quo, however Mars opposite Pluto may just erupt and burst the trine-tastic bubble. Karmic Saturn is on Gacrux the April Lunar eclipse degree in the crucifix still. A holy war? We have enough of those on this planet right now, so I think this is more than that. The Sun on Praesaepe is invoking the spirit of the ancestors, so this could be a spiritual war about belief systems and ancient V modern wisdom. Is it that Garden of Eden moment once again?

So however much upheaval Brexit causes short and long-term there will be a sigh of relief in certain quarters.

If and when the deed is ever done, it may throw more of a spanner in the works than is obvious at the moment. The composite Mars is a peculiarly sensitive spot on this relationship chart having been under severe challenges in the run up to World War 11 with tr Pluto in Cancer also square the Mars; and undermined for the start of World War 1 when tr Neptune was square the Mars. If anything it may open up major cracks and fissures.

In adult life she continued to support her extended family. And in her second marriage to Blake Edwards she had to cope with his moody depression and prescription pill addiction, cope with his unstable ex-wife and his children as well as raise two adopted children and her daughter. All in the midst of a punishingly busy career.

Born 1 October 6am Walton-on-Thames, England, she has a bouncy first house Libra Sun giving her that cool, crisp and forceful persona, backed up by a lively Mars in Sagittarius in the 3 rd. And what gives her discipline and reflects the harsh conditions of her childhood is Saturn in Pisces opposition Venus in Virgo in the 12 th conjunct Neptune and square Mars. She would feel unloved and lose herself in her creativity and helping others as well as staying exceptionally busy.

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A focal point Mutable Mars can be disorganised and scattered but a constantly changing career would soak up much of that. But tr Pluto sextile her Jupiter for another year will help to keep her enthusiasm high. Petite, mischievous and renowned for her eccentric fashion style when off set, actress Helena Bonham Carter, has been grabbing audiences and awards for an astonishing three decades. Her father was a merchant banker and her mother is a psychotherapist. She was involved with actor Kenneth Branagh at one point and then moved into a long relationship with director Tim Burton with whom she had two children.

She has a Sun Mercury in Gemini so will have communication abilities; with a determined and showbizzy Mars in Taurus opposition Neptune square an entertaining Leo Moon. She definitely needs an audience with a focal point Moon. So quite a mix of fun loving and sombre, fixed and scattered. Princess Margaret whom she evidently plays exceptionally well, 21 August 9.

His concern is that the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates are not up to defeating Trump. Bloomberg is a divisive figure not least because of his conspicuous wealth and he would be a disruptive influence on the already overcrowded field, being a centrist and former Republican. Although no corruption has been proved, the optics are bad. Mike Bloomberg, 14 February 3.

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He does have tr Uranus square his Pluto now suggesting a turnaround or upheaval and that repeats into early Which was the faint hope in Thailand two years back when Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn moved closer to replacing his revered, steady-hand-on-the-tiller father who had reigned for seven decades. Maha, 28 July 5. Since being crowned on 4 May this year he has done nothing to dispel doubts about his suitability for the role — firing aide after aide as well as his much publicized consort for scheming against his fourth wife; as well as putting himself in charge of the multi-billion pound Crown Property Bureau, and assigning military troops to his Royal corps.

All the hallmarks of an absolutist monarchy. His chart is certainly grossly indulgent, acquisitive and control-freaky with Jupiter in Taurus opposition an ambitious and vengeful 10 th house Mars in Scorpio squaring onto Pluto Venus in Leo; with the Sun and Mercury also in Leo. Lese-majeste is a crime in Thailand, which pushes public discontent underground. His Coronation chart timed at With an opportunistic Mars opposition Jupiter in an evasive square to Neptune.

By the end of the Saturn Pluto conjunction will have moved by Solar Arc to exact and Pluto will be squaring the Mercury at the same time, followed by Solar Arc Saturn — so the sombre mood will intensify over the next few years. Are Trump and Putin about to fall out of the bro-romance? Russia regards the oil as war booty and was furious, accusing the U.

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According to Syrian websites, Russia had been awarded most of the franchises for producing oil by Assad with Iran getting little of substance.