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The basic question is: Does Kemadrum Yoga really gives monetary poorness? If we analyze the results of Kemadrum Yoga by words, it can be clearly said that basically Kemadrum Yoga gives Resourcelessness i. Is this about only monetary poorness? In my humble opinion and observation, the persons having Kemadrum yoga are not found monetarily poor. As seen earlier, bond of our existence with the present moment is through the connecting link of fine intellect.

This link keeps us alive with our interests of life.

The Moon accepts the impulses from the surrounding and aspecting planets. In Kemadrum, there is not a single planet to fulfill the subjects to the mind.

Such a person cannot keep the continuity or permanent link with the life interests. In todays mobile phone terminology we can say: Loosing Mobile Tower signals off and On! The person does not remember or learn from the experiences of life and every experience is a new experience for him. He feels lonely in the midst of the crowd. Further, the word i. One who is grown up in his own place with all the means of happiness and full of resources and if he has to live at far unknown place or country, can not enjoy his own resources.

In an unknown place, with all difficulties and scarce resources, away from the family and friends, the person surely feels as poor and may experience as if he is cutoff from all. This is also the result of Kemadrum Yoga.

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The officers serving at responsible posts with possibility of transferable jobs should check for the Kemadrum Yoga in their horoscopes. Or, the persons going abroad without any background in the unknown country for earning should also check for the Kemadrum Yoga. The strength of the longest chain lies in its weakest link.

For a Kemdruma Yoga person, it is not sure which link of moment will fail and as a result the chain will fail. The person feels heavy stress during the work of responsibilities. And it is possible that at a crucial moment, he may make a mistake in making an important decision. Preferably, the important decisions should not be taken in haste for a very small cause. He should not be drawn to the decision in haste and wait for change in situation to have the time to take advice from the masters in the concerned field. The advice of a person whose Jupiter is aspecting your Moon, Sun or Ascendant could be beneficial to you.

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Now, very important clues:. The person who is having Kemdrum Yog should not run the independent business or entrepreneurship in his own name alone, particularly when all financial decisions are to be taken by him alone. He should also not carry the posts with financial responsibilities particularly when the risk and benefits of the company are fully dependent upon him.

The Kemdruma yoga should be considered as a negative factor when selecting a finance executive for strenuous and risky works as it reduces the endurance limit of a person to bear the stress. Also, the prompt action speculation should be considered as a challenge to the Kemdruma Yoga person. The said results are experienced more effectively when the Moon is operative in Dasha or Antar or Pratyantar.

When, Dasha of Chandra is operating for a Kemdruma Yoga person, he should avoid starting a big venture in his own name. The venture which carries great efforts to manifest the big dream based only on his whim, may fail miserably and if other planetary combinations are adverse, this could create long lasting, sometimes life long stretches of the mistakes. Further, the interesting fact is that the persons having Kemdruma Yoga have some affinity among themselves and they form the group easily.

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Such relation is the expedition of two Moons finding mental support of each other. Does Kemadrum Yoga demolish? If all planets are aspecting the Moon in Kemdruma, it demolishes the bad effects of Kemdruma Yoga and the person becomes the big emperor. The Moon with full strength in a benefic sign with benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus gives good results in Kemdruma Yoga.

This gives beneficial results thus it nullifies the effects of Kemdruma Yoga. Among all the combinations above, the Navamsa Kundali consideration is not supported by the Rishis. When a planet aspects the Moon in Kemadrum Yoga, the situation is changed significantly.


This also demolishes the Kemdruma Yoga. In this situation, there is only one planet aspecting the Moon i.

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The person is Class-I government officer and is always working and has workaholic tendency. In one more Cancer Ascendant horoscope, the. Here Moon is Poorna Balee Full strength. The mind is constantly working for the speech Lectures on Spirituality as the sign Pieces represents the deep ocean of spirituality and aspected by 2nd Lord Sun. Thus, the person may be busy with other fields, but in the innermost mind, he is constantly in connection with the subject denoted by the planet aspecting the Moon. There is very strong force acting over the mind in this case.

When Kemadruma Chandra is in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, it creates more difficult situation. The mental energy, thoughts and emotions of such native remains hidden or somewhat obscure. Because the 6th and 12th houses are Apoklima Bhavas away from the Kendras and 8th house itself is the house of secrets and sorrows.

In this case, the quantum of complications and hidden mental energy is much more which is never expressed on social platform. Further, the Moon in sixth and eighth house is in Quincunx aspect Shadashtak from Ascendant. The Dehabhav is not benefited from mental energy. This denotes wastage of mental energy. The mind is constantly thinking about limitations and difficulties. If ascendant lord is not strong, the native may develop inferiority complex in such case.

Is there any Remedy for Kemadruma Yoga? Kemdruma person is always in search of some mental support. The vast ocean of his mental energies is ready to shower upon at some unknown place. It should be remembered, rather must be accepted by the Kemdruma native that the most steady and strong support can be expected from the GOD only and any other support has its own limits in terms of space and time. However, when taking decisions, the hard realistic facts and solid truths of life should be remembered. For this it is advisable to keep company of some other person at the time of taking decision.

The identity of this person can be astrologically decided thus: The person whose Jupiter is aspecting your Moon, Sun or Ascendant can be your guide or guru. If it is not possible to keep presence of such person at the time of taking decision, the decision should be halted for proper time to get the advice of some expert in the field, guide or respectful person.

Moreover, following remedies in general can be suggested in back ground of Lal Kitab. If Saturn or Rahu is not present in 2nd house, Donation of silver article in the temple. Abhisheka of milk and water on Shivalinga Donation of Kheer keeping in Silver vessel Prepared from milk, sugar and rice in temple.

One should keep a square piece of silver with himself. The holy waters of sacred rivers like Gangajal should be kept in the place of worship at home. The items signified by Moon e.

Using the rosary with white Sphatika white crystal or Rudraksha could be beneficial. One should keep the silver item received from the mother with him. I hope the nectar after churning the Kemadruma Yoga shall be useful to all learned readers. Blessings of Lord Shiva may be showered upon the SaptarishisAstrology and all of us! The creative suggestions of learned readers are always welcome. Bibliography 1. Physiology and Anatomy; Evelyn Purse 2.